We live in an age of computer games, social networking and virtual worlds. What better way to encourage a more interactive activity than creating an indoor golf simulator. These indoor golf simulators allow the user to swing the club like a normal game of golf but have all of the modern and exciting features of a video game. This stimulating and enjoyable combination of video game and active sport encourages children and adults of all ages to take part and join in with the virtual golf. Our mobile golf simulator is perfect for large corporate events and exhibitions; the simulator hire fills an adequate space and allows for potential and current clients to enjoy your exhibition and gives you time to have the one on one contact that is so vital. Or why not introduce the indoor golf driving range as a brilliantly unique team building event? Watch as golf fans and novices alike get involved and soon become engrossed in the indoor golf course as they fight for first place!

If space is limited for your event we can cater for this and provide a smaller putting simulator that is great and addictive fun for all ages! The Entertainment Group offers a simple package deal for golf simulator hire that combines all services provided into one cost. This includes delivery, set up, collection and operators for the duration of your event with the rent golf simulator. Once this cost has been settled you are then free to charge your guests whatever cost or donation you wish for their use of the hire golf simulator.

This makes the golf simulator rent a very efficient tool for fundraising whether for a profit or charity. Why not use the hire virtual golf game as a promotional tool, offering new products or services to winning participants. The golf indoor simulator has no specific genre of event, making it a popular enquiry all year round at all kinds of events. Hire indoor golf game for a loved one’s party or celebration, or even surprise your wedding guests with the game and make sure they don’t forget your special day! For more information on our golf simulator for hire, call or email our friendly and helpful sales team today to receive more information and secure yourself a booking.